TEFC Roll Drive Conversion



Our configuration of the electric drive is a simple, compact, and straight forward design using “off the shelf” parts. For access reasons and space limitations, we build the size of the drive assembly to approximately the size of the roll assembly.

We have simplified our design and use on the shelf components in our system. We are using larger 2.188″ spherical roller piloted flange bearings on each of the sheave/driveline mounting shafts. We have designed our drives to have a 138 degree worst case belt wrap. More contact area will reduce the chance of belt slipping and jumping.

The electric planer drive conversion consists of two or three modular units. One for the two top and two bottom infeed rolls, one for the midfeed rolls (if needed) and one for the top and bottom outfeed rolls. The drive modules consist of one TEFC C-Face mount electric motor on a common frame. We use power grip sprockets and a twin power belt with drivelines that connect to the planer roll shafts. The frames are enclosed for keeping debris out of the drive belt.