TEFC Cutterhead Conversion


TEFC Cutterhead Conversions

Sidehead Conversion

One of the short comings we have found in the design of typical sidehead assembly is that the sidehead motors are not an “off the shelf” type of motor. They are a slabbed motor, the end bell is modified, the C-Face is modified and the rotor is part of the sidehead spindle. All of these items can cause you grief in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure. If you do not have all these components available (on your shelf) then you run the risk of excessive down time for finding, modifying and receiving the needed parts to get back up and running.

With our TEFC conversions, we provide new “off the shelf” TEFC motors that do not need to be modified to fit into your machine.

We use a C-Faced motors that is mounted on a frame below the planer for your spindle drive. Heavy duty drive lines transfer power up to the new sidehead spindles.

Our TEFC sidehead assemblies have a new bearing housing and spindle assemblies that can be easily removed thru the top of the carrier plate. The assemblies also include new carrier plates for both sides, spindle assemblies, bearing housings and bearings, new stationary shrouds, new cam operated aftercut shoes, new holddowns, sidehead skids, new heavy duty sidehead hoods with heavy duty pivot pins, new sidehead holdover box and roller shoe assembly, airbag, chip breaker, air cylinder, horizontal adjustment rods and nuts, drivelines, driveline guards and motor mounting frame.

Industry Leading Cutterhead Conversion


Top and Bottomhead TEFC Motor Upgrade

We offer “off the shelf” foot mounted motors for your top and bottomheads. The motors are TEFC NEMA premium efficiency inverter duty motors. Power is transmitted from the motor to the top and bottomheads via heavy duty drivelines. The driveline connection to the spindle and motor is accomplished with companion flanges and keyless locking assemblies. The motors are set mounted on an independent frame on the backside of the planer and bolted to your floor. With our design, we will use the same size driveline on the top and bottomhead thus eliminating the need for two different spares. We also provide heavy duty guards for totally enclosing each driveline. We also can modify your existing spindles to accommodate for the driveline mounting hook-up.