Planerman School

Planerman School

We are confident of the importance of encouraging continuing education in this industry.When we share ideas and information that will better serve the companies that we represent, we all benefit and thrive in success.

The goal of this Planerman School is to provide information applicable for maintenance and service as well as providing alternatives and new information specifically intended for the planer mill industry.


The main instructors of the Planerman School are:

Dennis Miller – Vice President – Miller Manufacturing – In the wood products industry for 30+ years, Dennis is very passionate about the skills and knowledge that he has acquired.

Mike Miller – Asst Director of Operations – Miller Manufacturing – With 20+ years of mechanical experience, Mike brings ground level views and has worked side by side with customers to create solutions for the ever evolving wood.

Jud Kell – Planer Mill Consultant- Miller Manufacturing – As the past President of the Pacific Northwest Planerman’s Association, Jud was active in the education and training of planer mill personnel. Currently as a planer mill consultant, he helps train mill personnel and service all planer mill equipment.

Trevor Billups – Shop Foreman/Installation Tech – Miller Manufacturing – Within the four plus years that Trevor has worked for Miller he has learned how to build all our products in the shop, and is now installing our equipment in the field.

Topics Covered


Maintenance of a high speed planer system

Planer and infeed setup and alignment

Lubrication of planer bearings/auto lube system


Bearing fits, spindles, pots & yokes

TEFC cutter head conversions

Electric Drive Conversions

and more…….


We hold the Miller Planerman School several times a year. If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Miller at 360-409-7789 or email her at